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Freedom Tray
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About Freedom Tray
Made and assembled in America using 100% recyclable materials, the Freedom Tray is the revolutionary food and beverage tray. Whether you’re in your car, watching TV, boating, camping, at the game or serving up the burgers at the tailgate party, the Freedom Tray will make your life easier. Simply pop it open, lock it in place and, instantly, you have a portable and versatile table to meet your needs.

The idea for the Freedom Tray came from a pretty simple concept, there had to be a better way to handle food and drinks at the ball game, around the house and especially in the car! Jonny Cannon, a father of three came up with the idea after years of watching his children spill drinks and food all over his vehicle, around their home and seeing all the waste that is generated from cardboard holders at athletic stadiums and arenas all around the country.

Freedom Tray is produced by 1Mustard Seed, LLC.
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